5 After Valentine Surprise Ideas (In case you have missed valentine week)

5 ways to win your valentine back

5 After Valentine Surprise Ideas that you can plan in Bhubaneswar: Do you have any someone special in your life? If yes, then for how long? And just one last question!!! Have you missed celebrating the lovely days of valentine week or valentine’s day in Bhubaneswar with him/her??

If yes! then all my sympathies are with you. I know it absolutely sucks to not to be with the one you love and it takes a long time to forgive and forget this bitter memory. But just like there is a silver lining to every dark cloud, DEFYLO is providing you a second chance and giving you the reset button to set everything right.

Here are our top sure shot 5 ways to make it and recreate the essence of love, if you have missed being with your partner on the days of valentine week and even on the V- Day.

(Disclaimer: if none of these workouts then maybe it’s time to vanish from his/her life forever and not just on Valentine’s Day)

Candle Light Dinner

candle light dinner in Bhubaneswar after valentine week
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Valentine’s Day is a day of love, if described in the shortest yet the simplest possible way. But over the years the very essence is being judged by how extravagantly you celebrate this day. Instead of being the day of giving and receiving affection, now it’s more about keeping up with the sky high expectations and doing better than the previous valentine’s day. And the worst possible scenario of them all is when you couldn’t be there to celebrate this special day of love with your beloved. So what unconventional can you do to sweep your darling off their feet on such a situation?!

There cannot be a more accurate answer than “a romantic candle light dinner”.

Give your partner a surreal experience by setting up a candle light dinner at a beach and let the waves carry your emotions to him/her and the silence of the sea do the rest of the talking. Finding it hard on your pocket?!! Then no need for an exotic venue if you have a rooftop!!! You can completely transform it to become the perfect spot for your lover.

Or you can plan the same in a restaurant having a private dining space. If you are still figuring out, how you can plan a perfect candle light dinner in Bhubaneswar then you have landed up at the right place.

Here’s what included in Defylo’s exotic candle light dinner:

  • Private dining room at restaurant will be booked for the couple
  • A table in the room will be decorated with candles and petals
  • Balloons Decor
  • LED Lights
  • DEFYLO Assets
  • AC Cabin

Check out this at-home after valentine surprise ideas in Bhubaneswar if you are on a budget but do not want to compromise with the richness of your love through DEFYLO’s amazing services.

Long Drive

Long Drive
Pic Courtesy: Pexels

Some folks are indoor people, they love to chill at home but some just love to travel and explore. Even research suggests that traveling helps in the release of “happy hormones”.

So why not tickle those happy endorphins of your partner post the days of valentine week and also give some adrenalin kick as an added bonus. If your special someone belongs to the outdoor tribe then take him/her for a long drive that makes them go down the memory lane and rekindles the spark in them.

It is one of the most affordable yet very thoughtful things to do with/for your significant other. You can even make it a premium experience by renting a superbike for him or hiring a luxury car for her for a day. I am sure the bends on the road will definitely mend your relationship. I hope you liked this after valentine surprise idea.

If not, then scroll down and have a look at other post valentine surprise ideas. I am sure you will like one of these.

Door Surprise

surprise activity in bhubaneswar
Pic Courtesy: Instagram

You missed to show up for the valentine’s day 2020, fine!!

But you still haven’t made up for it yet?!! Then you are in some serious trouble.

Stressed out?!  Don’t worry.

I know nothing can replace your presence in her/ his life since you share lots of amazing memories but what if you can remind some of your shared beautiful memories without your presence?

Heard of door surprises? That can be a life saver for you.

These are a set of activities or arrangements waiting for you at the doorstep like a soulful guitar performance of a song which reminds you of any precious milestone in your relation, or a cake at your door with a sweet love note on top with gives it an extra sugar rush.

You can even hire a giant teddy bear (a man in a costume off course) who can perform for you, this is something which girls will definitely find cute and will easily forgive you for missing out the Valentine’s Day.

Check out the DEFYLO door surprises.

Flash Mob

Flash Mob in bhubaneswar
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Take your public display of affection to the next level by arranging a flash mob for your partner and make him/ her realize how special they are. Flash mob comprises a bunch of random strangers coming together all of a sudden to give you an amazing dance performance. The element of surprise in a flash mob can win over anyone and make it a cherishable memory forever.

You either arrange it in a restaurant/café or go all out and arrange it in a mall, no matter which way you choose you are going to win her/him over for sure.

Check out our services regarding the same.


after valentine week surprise ideas
Pic Courtesy: Instagram

DEFYLO provides the opportunity to apologize to the love of your life in a very special way which will be100% effective. We arrange a thoughtful and heart-warming setup that will flush out all of your grudges and it will be impossible to turn such a sweet gesture down.

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